Kokua Jujitsu Kai

About Kokua Jujitsu Kai

Kokua Jujitsu Kai was started by Sensei Jay Kalisek in 1994. One of Sensei Jay's goals was to build a strong group of core students and keep the dojo open. Leaving for Chiropractic College, Sensei Jay passed the dojo to Sensei Kevin Ott in June of 1999 with a core group intact. Sensei Kevin has continued to grow that group to even a larger one of commited jujitsuka.

Whats Offered

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

The Danzan-ryu system of jujitsu was founded by Professor Henry S. Okazaki in Hawaii in 1929. Prof. Okazaki extensively studied the jujutsu of the Yoshin-ryu, Iwaga-ryu and Kosogabe-ryu schools. He combined these systems with Okinawan karate techniques, Chinese kung-fu, western boxing & wrestling, Hawaian lua, and the knife techniques of the Phillipines to form the Danzan-ryu school of jujitsu. In addition to the martial systems, Okazaki studied all the resuscitation arts of Kappo and Seifukujutsu, the Japanese art of physical adjustment and restoration. He was a firm believer that one of the virtues of jujitsu was its techniques of restoration from disabling blows. Within the Danzan-ryu system taught in the Kokua Jujitsu Kai students begin by learning how to roll (ukemi) and fall (sutemi) safely and effectively when thrown or otherwise falling.

The ultimate goal of Danzan-ryu jujitsu is the perfection of character and the development of mental and physical skills necessary for the practice of jujitsu. One cannot exist without the other, however. The system places great importance on the mental attitudes of the student and strives to develop such qualities as respect, loyalty, and humility. In order to perfect their physical techniques, students must perfect themselves and train their minds and bodies to act in concert. The Kokua Jujitsu Kai exists to help anyone, regardless of previous experience or ability, strive for this perfection of character and mastery of the art of jujitsu. Students at any level may join the Danzan-ryu classes. Training is open to people ranging from ages 3 onwards in 3 separate classes (a 3-5 year olds' class, a 6-12 year olds' class, and a adult class). Students in Danzan-ryu jujitsu may concurrently take the Toyama-ryu iaido class at any level and may cross-train in Wado-ryu karate from blue-belt onwards.

Instructors: Sensei Kevin Ott, Sensei John Tully